Remicade Infusion And Cold


Asked by Daina

Remicade Infusion And Cold

Hi everyone! I'm due to have a remicade infusion tomorrow (for RA). I've had a cold (that was bad three days ago, but is waaaayyyyy better now)for about a week. Will this make my doc postpone my treatment?


Possibly. I haven't been on Remicade - have been on Enbrel and now Humira - and I don't know enough about it. However, I believe that the general guideline for the Biologics is that if you are sick or have an infection, the treatment is postponed. If you do get your dose while the illness is still in your body, the dip in your immune system can bring it back with a vengeance. I'd suggest that you call your rheumatologist office to check before you go in.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW