Reni's Migraine Tip: Show Your True Colors

Patient Expert & Health Professional
Medically Reviewed
Tammy Rome, LPC

Reni and I are back with another great migraine tip. Today’s tip is inspired by the duet performance of “True Colors” by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick in the 2016 DreamWorks movie “Trolls.” This psychedelic animation takes us back to 1970s disco with modern-day lessons in overcoming adversity and recovering from traumatic loss.

True to her colors, Reni danced around the room, singing along throughout the movie. She never missed a beat and, remarkably, stayed on pitch too. The powerful message of healing from deep wounds wasn’t lost on our girl either. Even she recognized that in caring for others, we heal ourselves.

Getting eaten alive

The story isn’t all parties and dancing, though. Trolls are the favorite food of the Bergen who now threaten the lives of everyone in Troll village. Many trolls have died and more will soon follow if a sanctuary isn’t found soon.

Sometimes we can feel as though Migraine has swallowed us whole. Unchecked, it devours everything in its path. The joys of life disappear as those closest to us are chased away by migraine. We must step into the unknown to find answers, or risk being enveloped in migraine darkness.

Losing our authenticity

Naïve, happy Poppy sets off with her grumpy pal, Branch, to save the village. Poppy soon discovers that even her contagious enthusiasm is no match for the Bergen. All of Branch’s dire warnings begin to come true.

Some of us are like Poppy, relentlessly jumping into the unknown without thinking through the consequences. Many of us are more like Branch. We’ve been wounded by migraine. Thanks to migraine, we’ve lost some of our most precious loved ones. We have good reason to be skeptical, even cynical. Like Branch, we are dull and gray, having lost our true colors long ago. Getting them back seems impossible.

Finding joy again

All of Poppy’s great plans fall apart when the Bergen capture her father and most of the villagers. She loses all her color and sparkle. Without her happiness to lead the way, the remaining trolls give up, too.

It all seems hopeless until Branch arrives. He can’t stand to see his friend in such a miserable state.

Despite his own pain, Branch reaches out to Poppy. Then a miracle happens. In helping Poppy restore her hope, Branch renews his own as well. Encouraged, both trolls regain their color and the strength to rescue all the trolls. The true hero of “Trolls” isn’t Poppy. It’s Branch, who reached out to a hurting friend through the darkness of his own pain and healed them both.

Our true colors

We all lose our true colors sometimes. Often, the road to recovering our true selves leads right through another’s pain. When we reach out to encourage another, a little spark of that hope remains in our hearts. It doesn’t take much to restore us. Just a little will light the way. Despite our own pain, and and often because of it, we can help someone else.

Let’s take Reni’s tip to heart. By bringing hope to someone else, we light a spark that restores two lives.

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