Is Repeating What Others Say A Symptom That I Should Worry About?


Asked by junie

Is Repeating What Others Say A Symptom That I Should Worry About?

My neighbor is an insulin-dependent diabetic who has been using an insulin pump for several years. In the past couple of months, he has begun repeating phrases that I say, verbatum. For example, we were out at dinner with friends and I said to the person next to me in a voice loud enough for him to hear, "Oh wow, that blue car has a lot of bumper stickers." The next thing I know, he is repeating those exact words. This has happened several times in the past couple of months and each time, the words are precisely the words that I or another have just said. Other example phrases: "That door is pretty squeeky." "What a pretty green dress she has on!"

I know that diabetes can manifest itself in many ways and I am not sure if this is just a recently-developed habit or if it could be a symptom of something. If it is some new habit, then so be it, I'll just let it be. If he needs to tell the doctor, then I'll need to make him aware of it, because he doesn't seem to notice that he's doing it.


I forgot one more thing, slurred words could be a sign that your friend could have had a stroke or could be having a stroke. I am not a physician but I would take your friend to the Doctor.


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