Research Sheds Light on Top Dangers After Surgery


Heart injuries, major bleeding, and sepsis are the leading causes of death related to noncardiac surgery, according to the VISION study conducted at the Population Health Research Institute, a joint institute of Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

The study involved data on more than 40,000 people 45 or older undergoing non-heart surgery that required at least one night of hospitalization after the procedure. Study participants were monitored for complications for 30 days after surgery.

According to the researchers, 715 patients died within 30 days — 505 in the hospital and 210 after being discharged — from eight complications. Almost 75 percent of the deaths were caused by injury to the heart (29 percent), major bleeding (25 percent), and sepsis (20 percent).

Sourced from: European Society of Cardiology