Researchers Reformulate Sugar to Use Less

Scientists at Nestlé have discovered a way to structure sugar differently so that it tastes the same with up to 40 percent less. The company is pursuing a patent for its discovery and intends to begin using the new process to manufacture its candy products starting in 2018.

Like many large food companies, Nestlé is working to develop healthier products. The new sugar is described as "hollow" and designed to dissolve in the mouth—meaning that less sugar will actually enter the digestive tract, while the taste remains the same.

If the new product lives up to the claims, it could indeed be a breakthrough; however, it's not the holy grail. Most sugar in the American diet comes from soda and sugary desserts and the new product is designed for use in candy and confections. According to a Nestlé spokesman, it can't be used to sweeten soda or your morning cup of coffee.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: The New York Times