Resistance Band Workout for Beginners

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What follows is the 20-minute beginner workout that I do with my resistance bands. These exercises are not difficult, but before you get started be sure that you are fit for exercise. If you have physical limitations, see a fitness expert for specific guidance.

Getting Started with Resistance Bands

Getting started with resistance bands is simple. First, read my sharepost, "Resistance Band Training for Plus-Sized People." Even if you aren't plus-sized, my article is chockfull of good resources and need-to-know information for beginners.

It is important that you choose the right band for your exercises. Bands come in different levels of resistance from 2-96 lbs or more. If you need help, you can download the American School of Sports Medicine's guide to Selecting and Effectively Using Resistance Bands for Exercise.

I use the yellow band (2-4 lbs) from my Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set to do my work out.


You also will need a good pair of sneakers. I swear by my MBTs! MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology sneakers have a unique design that mimics walking on soft uneven ground, the way our bodies were designed to walk rather than on the hard surfaces of a modern society. The result is that I no longer have feet and back pain when I walk or exercise. My husband swears that he has no knee pain when he wears his MBTs. People all over the Internet say the same results. The bottom line: If you suffer from joint pain when you exercise then you'll need a pair of MBTs.

I got a pair of MBT Women's Zalika Sneakers for $50 on Amazon. These are $200 sneakers! A bonus is that they're slip-on so people with mobility or dexterity problems will have an easier time getting them on and off.


My husband has the MBT Men's Mahuta Lace-Up Sneaker. This is a pair of $250 sneakers but depending on the color and size you need, prices can drop significantly. Hubbie got his sneaks for $87.


You'll also want a cold glass of water to hydrate yourself after the workout.

20-Minute Beginner Workout with Resistance Bandarm-up: 3-min of walking or jumping jacks or jumping rope

Squats: 12 repetitions

Lower the body, keeping knees behind toes and weight distributed over the back 2/3 od feet, until thighs are parallel to the floor. Maintain a natural arch in the lower back.

Lunges: 12 repetitions

Lower the body, keeping the lead knee over the back 2/3 of the fot, until lead thigh is parallel to the floor. Trail knee should not contact the floor.

Chest fly: 12 repetitions

Keep wrists firm and arms straight with a slight bend in the elbows while pushing towards the midline of the body. Hands end extended out from mid-chest in a thumbs-up position.

Rear rows: 12 repetitions

Pull arms back with palms facing the body until fingers contact the lower rib cate. Keep the chest lifted.

Lateral raises: 12 repetitions

Bend elbows with arms facing body. Raise arms until elbows are at same height as shoulders.

Bicep curls: 12 repetitions

Bend elbows and palms face front of the shoulder.

Tricep extension: 12 repetitions

Raise elbows directly over shoulder with palm facing head and thumb pointing down. Press up until elbow is directly over shoulder and palm faces forward. Repeat with opposite arm.

Cool-down: 3-min of stretching your major muscles

Resistance Band WorkOut Books

If you liked this article, you also may wish to read The Resistance Band WorkOut Book by Ed McNeely or Strength Band Training - 2nd Ed by Phil Page.

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