Resources for Dads of ADHD Children

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In honor of Father's Day coming up, we are going to focus on all the dads out there who are parenting a child who has ADHD. I searched high and low on the Internet for any resources for dads I could find. I have to tell you that I was a bit dismayed to find so very little for the dads out there. So I am going to take this opportunity to reach out to our ADHD Central community to ask our members for any suggestions of books, media, articles, literature and support groups specifically geared for dads who are parenting a child who has ADHD.

I wanted to also say how very important fathers are to their children and particularly children having special needs. The influence of a strong male role model is such a vital part of a child's emotional growth. Your children do need you. Parenting a child who has ADHD is no easy matter. So it does help to have support. We encourage all the dads to become active members of ADHD Central. We want to hear your perspective and stories. Your voice is important to us.

I hope that the following resources will be helpful to you.

Video and Books for Dad:

  • Father to Father: The ADHD Experience. This is the only video I found about fathers who have an ADHD child. The producer is Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, who is also the author of the book, "Teenagers with ADD." The film shows four fathers who discuss the everyday experience of living with children and teens having ADHD. Two of the dads have ADHD themselves. These fathers talk honestly about both the struggles and the joys of raising children who sometimes have much in common with their dads.


This book was written by a clinical psychologist who understands that mothers and fathers may parent in a unique and different way from one another. This is a book targeted for fathers who wish to develop and strengthen their bond with their ADHD child, for mothers who wish to better understand dad's role in parenting, and for professionals who wish to better include fathers in treating ADHD children.


This book was written specifically for fathers to provide guidance as to how to better communicate and respond to their ADHD sons. Commentary from dads gives suggestions and advice about how to foster better relationships and gives tips about behavior management. Mothers and educators will also benefit from reading this book about the special bond fathers have with their sons having ADHD.


If you want a lighthearted humorous take on fathering a child with ADHD then this book is for you. Author David Spohn writes from his experience as a father trying to make the best of things while helping his son to cope with ADHD. Free from medical jargon and behavior modification plans, the primary message of this book is to let other dads know that they are not alone.

In addition to books and videos there are also articles and blogs geared towards fathers who have a child with ADHD. Here are a few resources for the dads:

I hope that these resources are useful or inspirational for all the wonderful dads out there. If any of our members have more links to books, videos, articles, blogs, or support groups geared for fathers who are parenting a child with ADHD please do share them with us here.

One last thing" We here at ADHD Central want to wish all the dads out there a very Happy Father's Day! We hope you have a very special day.