Can I Reverse High Cholesterol And Mild Plaque Buildup


Asked by Sandy

Can I Reverse High Cholesterol And Mild Plaque Buildup

I have 255 cholesterol and mild blockage, can i reverse this? I am dieting and watching cholesterol intake. mild exercise. i am 59 and 195 lbs. and 5ft3inch. The doc only wanted me to get angiogram no meds. for mild? When I asked can i change lifestyle and be retested in spring, he got really aggressive and said no. He just pushing test!!!! For a mild blockage? The more I advocated against angi. the more hostile he got.????


HI: you can definitely reverse or stop the progression of heart disease with lifestyle changes. Mild cholesterol is best treated with diet, exercise, and medications.

The diet I recommend is the Mediterranean Diet. This diet has been shown to prevent heart disease in 75% of people who follow it.

Do you have symptoms? Have you had a stress test?

Before proceeding to a heart angiogram, check with your family doctor.

take care,

Dr. Kirk Laman

Answered by Kirk Laman, D.O.