How Can You Get Rid Of Knots In Muscles That Put Pressure On Nerves & Refer Pain To Other Areas?


Asked by Tiggy

How Can You Get Rid Of Knots In Muscles That Put Pressure On Nerves & Refer Pain To Other Areas?

I have had fibromyalgia & myofascial pain syndrome for over 10 years. In July 2008 I saw a doctor who was finally able to read MRI's and he said that I needed a disc fusion & had a bone spur on the right side of my neck. He operated on me on July 23, 2008 and ended up fixing two discs that had ruptured and removed a lot of smaller bones spurs as well as the one which showed up on the MRI. He said it was a mess in there.

For a week after surgery, I had normal pain associated with this kind of surgery. I guess my brain was confused, because I didn't have any fibro pain for that one week. The fibro pain started coming back the 2nd week after surgery & I started having sharp pain in my

left shoulder which radiated across my shoulders to the right side. The pain was always there and felt like something inside was tearing. It was further aggravated if I reached out to pick something up (even just a glass) or if I lifted or used my right arm. When I went back to the surgeon for post op visit, he did trigger point injections. They didn't help.

It's now been 2 weeks since surgery. I have been seeing a chiropractor and a massage therapist. The pain no longer radiates to my right shoulder, but does radiate a little bit down my left arm.

I have always had problems with knots, but not like this. How do I get rid of it. My primary care doctor changed my medications (I primarily take a combination of antidepressants & a muscle relaxer & am now using Flector patches), but it doesn't help the pain from the knot.

I am doing a home stretching program (mostly upper body), use a pedal bike with my hands and use my treadmill.

What can I do to get rid of the knots.




Some of the things that I'm aware of you're already doing; stretching and trigger point injections. Some people do very well with acupuncture as well. Particular kinds of massage can be helpful - including self massage (see the book below).

This page has some information on the kind of massage that helps.

There are some books on this you might want to check out. The one below appears to be highly recommended.

You also went through a pretty traumatic procedure; perhaps as you heal that muscle will start to loosen up.

Good luck!