How Do I Get Rid Of Laryngitis?


Asked by Pkime

How Do I Get Rid Of Laryngitis?

I have been suffering from laryngitis for three months. I have gone to a doctor, who put me on cortisone nasal spray and a cortisone oral inhaler, as well as a five-day round of antibiotics. However, I still have laryngitis and a lot of post-nasal drip. I really want to get well. What would you suggest?


Hi Ms. Kime, Laryngitis can really be annoying, especially when it fails to respond to treatment. It may be persistent because of the failure of your current medications to treat the rhinitis/bronchitis or because of another factor. Some possibilities include: -Chronic sinusitis (which requires at least 3 or more weeks of antibiotics)

-Allergic rhinitis or non-allergic rhinitis complicated by sinus infection or another one of the disorders listed below

-Vocal cord polyps

-GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)

-VCD (vocal cord dysfunction), a failure of the vocal cords to open properly

-dysphonia (hoarseness) sometimes associated with inhaled steroids You should go back to our doctor for re-evaluation. Get a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist if your primary doctor is uncertain about your diagnosis.

Good Luck!

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