My Right Areloa is now Larger than my Left. Is this Normal?


Asked by azure

My Right Areola Has Become Considerably Larger Than My Left Areola. Is This Normal?

I am 20 years old. This change started to take place about 3 years ago. Usually, there is no pain in any of my breasts and I don't feel any lumps either, but there has been a rare instance a few months ago when I felt pain in one of my nipples, accompanied with a little itching. At times, I do feel slight pain in my nipples but that is also very rare. I just wanted to know if the enlargement of my right areola is just a normal part of growing up and due to harmonal changes or could this be an early indication of breast cancer?


Hi - A change in your areola that progresses over 3 years isn't a sign of breast cancer. it sounds like a normal part of your journey through puberty and young adulthood. Next time you have a checkup, ask the doctor what's up, OK? And if you have a sudden change - if your breast feels infected, or itchy all over, or painful, or if it becomes swollen - then best to see a doctor sooner rather than later. Good luck - PJH

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