Right Hand Sever Pain And Numbness


Asked by Frances Barry

Right Hand Sever Pain And Numbness

For the past week, I've been awakened in the middle of the night by excruciating pain in the three fingers (no thumb or pinky problems) of my right hand. At the same time, these fingers are numb. The episodes last for 45-60 minutes. Then two nights ago, I started to see swelling beneath and between the pointer and the index fingers. Those same right fingers tingle and/or go numb throughout the day. For the past three days I have dropped various items on the floor.

I asked my primary doctor about it and she referred me to an orthopedic MD. I haven't seen him yet. Any help you can offer in the meantime would be wonderful!


Hi there, Frances -

I'm sure you've had this seen to by now, but I was reading through your question and wondered if your problem had turned out to be nerve impingement or something like Raynaud's Syndrome, which can affect the fingers in a similar way to what you're describing? It sounds like a very frustrating thing to deal with, particularly since it was waking you up at night. What did the doctors say was the problem?

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