Right Itchy,clear Discharge, Sore/burning Nipple


Asked by tfitzgerald14

Right Itchy,clear Discharge, Sore/burning Nipple

I am 25 years old and two and a half years out of no where I started experiencing a clear discharge. The clear discharge only happened when I squeezed the nipples. That lasted for six months and then two years ago my right nipple started to itch and the itching has gradually gotten worst to where I want to take out my breast and itch my nipple with a fine tooth comb. There are certain times where the areas around my areola will itch as well. I'm not sure if my nipples are soar with a burning sensation because of all the itching or if it is an additional symptom. I haven't been to the doctors because I just haven't taken the issue seriously until this point because the itching, soarness, and burning sensation are just out of control. The areola gets swollen from time to time as well. Because I am African American I can't really tell if there is discoloration or rash because my nipple and areola are very dark to begin with. So my question is should I be concerned that I may be dealing with a serious situation and she see a doctor immediately?


First of all, I don't think you should panic about this being cancer. What you describe - symptoms beginning several years ago, including nipple discharge only when you squeeze -; doesn't sound typical of breast cancer. While soreness/itching can be a sign of Paget's disease (an uncommon form of breast cancer), it wouldn't be happening in both breasts; nor would swelling of the areola come and go; nor would it go on for months and months without resolving into something more evident.

That said, this itching/soreness is clearly bothering you a lot. So why not see a doctor? Not only could s/he set your mind at ease about cancer, s/he could also probably figure out what's going on and treat it. It might be hormonal; hormonal issues are quite common in young women your age. It could be as simple as a reaction to a certain soap, laundry detergent, or the material your bra is made of. But whatever it is, action trumps worry - so best to see a doctor and make some progress towards getting this resolved and feeling better, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel