Rise in skirt size tied to breast cancer risk

New research from the University College London gives women another measure of their risk of developing breast cancer. The study found that women who went up a skirt size every decade after their mid-20s had a 33 percent greater risk of breast cancer after they reached menopause.

The research team tracked more than 90,000 women in their 50s and 60s living in England. During the three-year follow-up period, 1,090 of the women developed breast cancer. The researchers found that a unit increase in  a U.K. skirt size every 10 years (for example, from size 12 to 14) between 25 and post-menopausal age was linked to a 33 percent increased risk of breast cancer. Going up two skirt sizes in the same period was associated with a 77 percent greater risk.

While the study had limitations, researchers felt like it provided women with a good way to monitor weight gain over time, as well as a way to understand the risks associated with obesity.

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Sourced from: BBC News, Skirt size increase linked to breast cancer risk, says study