Ropey Breast Lump


Asked by CanuckMom

Ropey Breast Lump

For over a year, now (probably closer to 2 or three), I've had a long, ropey lump in the lower outer quadrant of my left breast. It's rubbery, and movable, and it also it quite painful at times. I've had three doctors check it manually, and all three said it was a cyst. I then had a mammogram done, and it said "no dominant mass detected", and that everything was normal. Every month, like clockwork, I get shooting pains in both breasts, but more in the left one, and right in the middle of my cycle. The lump has not grown in size. Not sure if this helps, but the nipple on that breast frequently hardens up (gets erect) for no apparent reason. (just for a minute)

Anyone else have this, or have any advice?


Hi - Since this is "long and ropy," and moveable, it doesn't sound like a breast tumor. Also pain in both breasts, going on for 2-3 years, connected to your menstrual cycle would all point to it NOT being cancer. However, since it's painful, I'd suggest you have it pursued with a breast specialist, who should be able to diagnose and hopefully treat whatever is going on. Good luck -PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel