Is It Safe To Take Inositol With An Ssri?


Asked by Rhonda

Is It Safe To Take Inositol With An Ssri?

Can inositol be taken with Prozac or Lexapro or is it more of an alternative to these?


Hi Rhonda

Which of these are you currently taking?

Please know that we are not doctors or pharmacists and...this is a question best answered by a medical professional. In what I have read it seems that Inositol is an alternative to an antidepressant. So I am not sure what would happen if you would take both at the same time.

Here is some information from a drug site about possible interactions with Inositol. I do not see any SSRI's listed...doesn't mean there can't be an adverse reaction so you really need to check this out with your doctor or pharmacist.

I am very interested in how this works if you decide to take the Inositol. This is something I have not tried.

Thank you so much for your question.

Answered by Merely Me