Is It Safe To Take 25mg. Elavil With 30mg. Cymbalta?


Asked by miss millie

Is It Safe To Take 25mg. Elavil With 30mg. Cymbalta?


Hi Miss Millie:

I would have to agree with Dr. Fee about this regarding trusting your physician. I would add one thing -- Elavil is often used for sleep and tends to be a very mild medication. You have been prescribed the next to the lowest dose, since it comes in tablets from 10mg to 150mg. You can read more about Elavil here. Cymbalta is, as Dr. Fee said, an antidepressant, and you can read more about Cymbalta here. Many patients take these two medications in combination safely.

However, as she said, ask your doctor why he wants you to take both. Many of my patients are on far more medications than these two, but they are also battling severe chronic pain.

Best of Luck!

Dr. Diana Walcutt

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