Salipax / Anxiety /Sex Life


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Salipax / Anxiety /Sex Life

Recently I consult with a doctor for my stomach problem and mouth wound/bubbles with occurs intermittently. While I talk with him, I told about my body pain and chest pain which is I feel sometimes. I told him about my tiredness also. After hearing all my problems doctor said its all my mental thinking only, He dint see any problems with me. But he asks me to take a capsule (salipax20) without discussing anything abt my depression or mental conditions or problems Actually I have some problems from the beginning itself with my wife so I am depressed and tired with her for explain my side. Even during that day of hospital visit she blames me that I am looking at ladies, and she stars shouting with me from that visiting room itself. I kept quiet bcoz I know I didn't do any wrong but she always doubted abt me. My question is; do I take salipax 20, will it affect my normal life? I am having premature ejaculation. But I am enjoying sex with her while she is normal/ready? Salipax affect my sex life? Did salipax will help to control my premature ejaculation?


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I am not a medical professional and would not be able to provide you with medical advice.

Salipax is a form of medication containing fluoxetine, which is the same medication that is in Prozac. You can read about the medication and the side effects: Prozac

Some people do experience sexual side effects from antidepressant medications. If you do, you should speak with your doctor.

You may also want to consider therapy to help with some of the emotions and stress you are going through right now.


Answered by Eileen Bailey