Childhood obesity fix: Easy on the salt

Public health experts are inclined to link the growing childhood obesity rates to kids’ affinity for consuming massive amounts of high-sugar drinks. But, a new study published in the journal Pediatrics found that the amount of salt a child consumed in a day seemed to be directly related to how much sugar they consumed.  The Australian study tracked the eating habits and weight of 4,200 kids ages 2 to 16.  They found that for every one gram of salt consumed in a day, the kids consumed 17 grams more of a sugary drink.

Kids who drank more that one serving of a sugary drink each day were 26 percent more likely to be obese.  The researchers quickly noted that the findings do not necessarily imply that the increased consumption of salt causes obesity. But in light of the findings, it’s not a bad idea to consider limiting both sugar and salt consumption, just to be safe.

Sourced from: CBS News, Targeting kids' salt intake may curb childhood obesity, study says