Scabies In Eye??


Asked by Healing Bird

Scabies In Eye??

Can scabies survive in the eye? I feel movement and know something is there but i heard they can't survive. What can i do to flush it out? This has happened before in the other eye and I used anit allergin eye drops in my eye and it seemed to go away but the drops are all gone and my dad doesn't have anymore because he got them years ago...what else can I use and should I be worried abou it surving in there?? Please help. my infection is almost gone...and now this.


Hi there

In researching your question, no scabies are not going to be in your eyes. Here is a web site devoted to scabies facts and they say: "Normal scabies infestations are not known to go to the head. They are usually located from the neck down."

So whatever it is you are feeling in your eyes is probably not scabies. I would also strongly recommend not using eye drops which are years old.

Please do see your doctor if you have any more concerns or worries.

Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me