Can Scar Tissue In Breast Turn Into Cancer


Asked by pink ribbon

Can Scar Tissue In Breast Turn Into Cancer

i had a lump of 4 cm removed at 17 ,26 and at 38 it was cancer of 5,5 cm on the exact same spot as previous lumps they actualy cut on the same scar line. could it be that scar tissue grew into a cancerous lump after hormone treatment of estrogen


I don't believe the scarring would have anything to do with it. Breast cancer grows in breast tissue, whether it's scarred or healthy. It sounds like, unfortunately, you just had a lump determined to grow in that exact spot; at first benign, then cancerous. And yes, there's a possibility the estrogen treatment helped it grow more quickly. Hope things turn out well for you - good luck. PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel