How Can Schizophrenia Affect The Memory


Asked by ericadkent

How Can Schizophrenia Affect The Memory

I am doing a report on schizophrenia. One of the question I have to answer is How does schizophrenia affect the memory of someone? Is there any biological influences related?


Hello ericadkent,

First of all, not everyone with schizophrenia has memory problems.

I have what's called "the memory of an elephant" because I can remember things that happened ten or fifteen years ago, as if they happened yesterday. I remember words from conversations, details, events that happened when I was 3 years old, what I was wearing at the time, etc. I have a nearly photographic memory.

One thing: Risperdal causes short-term memory loss in many patients taking this drug for the relief of their schizophrenia symptoms. The drug maker won't tell you this, but numerous people I know who took the drug, verified they lost their short-term memory permanently after taking Risperdal.

I don't know of any biological influence, related to schizophrenia, that would cause memory loss. ECT treatments sometimes cause memory loss, but not for every person receiving ECT.

I've always had a superior memory, both before being diagnosed and after I got sick. Often, memories will pop into my head out of the blue on any given day.

Hope this question helps. You may want to contact a psychiatrist as well, say you're doing a report, and ask him or her if there are any biological influences.



Answered by Christina Bruni