Scholarships for Students with ADHD

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Students with ADHD often have a difficult time in school. Symptoms can create problems with not only paying attention in class but in retaining the information. Because of this, students with ADHD may not have the grades to receive academic scholarships and search for scholarships specifically designed to help students with ADHD.

Scholarships for students with ADHD may be difficult to find, but there are some out there. In addition, because up to one fourth of people with ADHD may also have a learning disability, scholarships directed to LD should also be explored by students and their parents.

When looking into college scholarships, the first place to start should be your high school guidance counselor.   He or she should have access to information on many different scholarships and which ones may be relevant to your situation.   In addition to scholarships specifically for ADHD or learning disabilities, those available to students with disabilities or those geared toward your interests and talents may be a great opportunity.

A number of scholarship opportunities are listed below.

Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Scholarship

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) provides two high school students with learning disabilities (including ADHD) awards of $10,000 Students must be planning to attend college full time, working toward an undergraduate degree.

The Hal Hazelett Scholarship

This organization provides two scholarships. One for a student with ADHD and one for a student with learning disabilities planning to attend college and work toward a degree in either education or math.

Bank of America Scholarship

This scholarship is available to student in Georgia, California, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Florida. Students must have some documented disability, plan to attend college full time and study business, computer systems or finance. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher during high school.

disABLEdperson Inc.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in either a 2 year or 4 year accredited college or university in the United States. (High school seniors cannot apply for this scholarship.) Students must be taking a minimum of 12 credits. Scholarship is $750.00.

Incight Scholarship

This scholarship for $750.00 is available for students with physical, learning, cognitive, hearing or visual disabilities. It is renewable each year.

Smart Kids Youth Achievement Award

This scholarship is for $1,000 and is open to students with learning disabilities under the age of 19. Talent and achievement in any area, including art, music, science, math, athletics or community service, is considered. Students can be nominated online.

In addition to these scholarships, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association is currently developing a scholarship, the Novotni College Scholarship Fund, however, specific information was not yet available on their site.

You can also check some of the internet resources for scholarship searches:

Proyecto Vision - large list of scholarships available, many for students with specific disabilities.

Center for Scholarship Administration - provides a list of different scholarships. Each scholarship has specific criteria that must be met.   Disaboom - Offers a listing of scholarships for students with disabilities (if you can't find the link for the page on scholarships, search for the word "scholarship" on the site search.)   Heath Resource Center - a clearinghouse of information on post-secondary education for individuals with disabilities. offers a scholarship search which allows you to create a profile and search based on your specific needs.