Is There A Sciatic Nerve Surgey To Remove Scar Tissue?


Asked by tlbrouwer

Is There A Sciatic Nerve Surgey To Remove Scar Tissue?

Scar tissue formed and is impeding my sciatic nerve as a result of a microdesectomy. My pain is constant and ranges form a 7 on a good day and taking all of my pain medications to a 10 on a bad day.

I have been in pain since May of 2007 when caught myself from falling in kind of a backbend movement. I have had adverse reactions to all of the nuarcotics that have been precsibed and have had a Nuerostransmitter implanted but for some unknown reason doesn't work on my leg where the pain is but climbs up into my chest if I turn it up to higher than 1.5. I am desperatly seeking some kind of relief ( I've even thought...if they just cut off my leg, at least I could sit and not be in constant pain).


I'm not an expert on this particular subject, but I did do some checking into it. Apparently, in some cases at least, surgery can be done to remove scar tissue, but often it is not recommended because with every surgery is the probability of more scar tissue. I'm sure it varies by patient, so you would need to talk with your doctor about it.

I also found a couple of other treatments suggested. One is called MUA -; manipulation under anesthesia. It's a method of breaking up scar tissue while the patient is sedated. The other is deep tissue massage.

Here is an interesting discussion on this subject between patients and a couple of doctors:

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