Scientists create circuit board modeled after human brain

Scientists from Stanford University have created a circuit board based on the human brain and they say it is 9,000 times faster and uses significantly less power than a typical PC. The board, called Neurogrid, comprises 16 custom “Neurocore” chips that simulate 1 million neurons and billions of synaptic connections just like the human brain.

The board is roughly the size of an iPad and can mimic the magnitude and reactions between neurons and synapses using only the power needed to run a tablet. One of the goals was to have certain synapses share circuits, which is why it can be so small and energy-efficient. The downside is that one of these boards costs around $40,000. The National Institute of Health funded this project.

In the future, scientists hope to use the Neurogrid to control more human robots and develop prosthetic limbs for paralyzed people that can, using this device, move with the speed of a natural limb.

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