Scientists create glasses that let wearer control shading

Want more control over the shade of your glasses? Scientists at Georgia Tech are creating lenses that can be controlled by person wearing them--the shading and clearing of lenses would be controlled by the person wearing the glasses instead of changing based on the surrounding light.

The new lens material the team has created is a blend of electrochromic polymers (ECPs) that they say can be incorporated as the active material in user-controlled electrochromic eyewear. In lab tests, all the color blends showed an ability to change from shaded (10 percent transmittance of light) to clear (70 percent transmittance) in a few seconds.

The material would change color in response to a change in electrical charge, which could be controlled by a small switch.

The scientists, who described their research in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, believe these lenses would be especially useful to airline pilots and security guards – people who could  benefit from lenses with a much faster response time in changing from clear to color.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Scientists create eyeglasses that become shaded 'on command'