Scientists create tumor on a microchip

Engineers at Purdue University have created a chip that simulates the environment of a cancer--a development that could be a big step forward in delivering cancer drugs more effectively.

One approach to tumor therapy being researched involves using nanoparticles that are both small enough to pass through the pores of blood vessels and selectively attack tumor tissue. A problem that has come from the approach is engineering the nanoparticles in a way so they can differentiate between healthy blood vessels that are neatly organized and tumorous cells that are irregular and misshapen.

The team has tested the movement of nanoparticles within the new chip and will next test anticancer drugs with the device. The chip may then be used to assess a specific drug therapy for all sorts of cancer patients and ultimately bring a more effective way of treating those patients.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today , Tumor environments 'mimicked' in new microchip