Scientists develop telescopic contact lens

Scientists at the Federal Institutes of Technology of Switzerland and the University of California, San Diego have developed a new telescopic contact lens and smart glasses which a person could control by winking or blinking. They believe the innovation could make a big difference for people with serious vision problems.

The new contact lens is 1.55 mm thick and contains a tiny telescope inside, which works by reflecting light and then expanding and magnifying objects in sight by as much as 2.8 times. The smart glasses respond to winks and blinks, which allows wearers to control the contact lens' zoom feature by winking with their right eye for magnification and with the left eye to resume normal vision.

A prototype of the telescopic contact lens was unveiled last week at the AAAS Annual Meeting in San Jose. Researchers said they hope the telescopic lens, which soon will be tested in clinical trials, will eventually help those with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a condition that can lead to gradual vision loss and blindness.

An estimated 285 million people in the world have serious vision problems.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Telescopic contact lens shows promise for AMD