Scientists "print" new eye cells

Researchers have discovered a way to successfully print new eye cells that could ber used to treat sight loss in people with damaged retinas, according to a study published in Biofabrication. The study used animal cells, and more tests are needed before human trials can begin.

the scientists were able to use a printer to create two types of cells from the retina of adult rates – ganglion and glial cells. These cells transmit information from the eye to certain parts of the brain and help protect neurons. The printed cells remained healthy and were able to survive and grow in culture.

The loss of nerve cells in the retina is the source of blindness in many eye diseases, and researchers say their aim is to develop this technology to repair damaged retinas in the future. The next step is attempting to print other types of retinal cells, including rod and cones – the light-sensitive photoreceptors.

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Sourced from: BBC, Scientists ‘print’ new eye cells