Could Scoliosis Cause Knee pain and Finger Numbness?


Asked by bbigham1924

Could Scoliosis Be To Blame For My Knee Pain And Numbness In My Fingers? And Is It Normal For My Back To Fall Asleep?

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 14. I have rotoscoliosis with an "s" shape that begins in the upper t- vertebra and goes all the way down to L-3. (at least that was what my last x-ray showed 6 years ago) since then I have had a complete hysterectomy and I feel like my back is getting a lot worse. I now find myself leaning over the steering wheel when i drive like an old grandma because at times it seems almost impossible to sit straight.(I am only 27) when I sit at the computer or anywhere for more than about 20 or 30 min the left side of my back (where i have a great deal of muscle atrophy) starts tingling like your leg would when it "falls asleep". I have noticed lately too that the left side of my back has lost a good deal of sensation to touch. I can't feel things touching the left side nearly as much as the right. when I stand I tend to put all my weight on my left leg and lock my knee in place (slightly hyper extended) and I THINK this is in someway related to the difference in the lengths of my legs and my uneven hips. but after standing like that for 5 min or more (sometimes less) it is VERY difficult and VERY painful to move my knee. Also quite often my left hand will get a tingling sensation. this feeling is sometimes just in my hand but other times it goes all the way up in to my shoulder. when this happens, I am usually sitting normally with nothing obvious cutting off or reducing blood flow. Could these things all be related to the scoliosis? Are they serious? I have no medical insurance and can't afford to pay out of pocket.I also live in a very small town and the nearest dr that deals in scoliosis is 3 hours away. Is there anything I can do??? I feel kind of hopeless right now :( The pain drives me nuts and It's starting to limit the things I am able to do with my children. Any advice or answers or anything would be most helpful!


Hello, welcome to Health Central where little things like insurance and small towns do not matter. Your intuition is correct. The curvature in your spine is leading to mechanical problems with other parts of your body like your neck and your knee. The curvature could be progressing, but without a costly risky surgery there is not much that could be done about that. So, at this point in you life, you need to focus on core strength. Strength in your shoulders, buttocks and abdomen can help support the neck, arms, legs, and spine. Strength and endurance in your core will improve your capablity to do what you need to do. Because life is an Olympic event that you need to train for, even if you have scoliosis.

Start with a good resource to jump start your exercise program: pilates class, physical therapist, personal trainer, book, video, anything you can access to start towards your goal of improved core strength. Schedule time daily to build your strength and endurance. Stick with it because your life will only get rougher without physical fitness.

My favorite book for exercise education is Spine Stabilization.

Your muscles can compensate to a certain extent for the problem with your spine, just give them a chance.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

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