Screen Time Disrupts Sleep, Particularly in Kids and Teens


Children and adolescents are even more susceptible to the sleep-disrupting effects of electronic media screens – televisions, video games, tablets, smartphones, computers – than adults, according to a review recently published in Pediatrics.

The review included more than five dozen studies involving young people between 5 and 17 from around the world. Results of more than 90 percent of the studies suggest more screen time is associated with later bedtimes, less sleep, and reduced quality of sleep. According to the researchers, biological, environmental, and neurological factors all play a role, as children’s eyes, sleep patterns, and brains are still developing.

Kids and teens who have a television, computer, or phone in their bedroom at night – which more than 75 percent do – and those who interact with the device in the hour before bedtime are at significantly higher risk for sleep disturbances.

Sourced from: University of Colorado Boulder