Screwed Up My First Humira Injection!


Asked by Leslie

Screwed Up My First Humira Injection!

I watched the videos, I talked to my RD. I had my daughter who is a paramedic to help me. We were all prepared. We went through the process a couple of times but as soon as the injection started, it burned! I let up on the pressure and some of the med ended up down my leg instead of in it! I'm sorry, this is supposed to be idiot proof but clearly I'm a better idiot! All I had to do was keep constant pressure for 10 seconds - really, how hard can that be! Feeling pretty dumb and hoping that I got enough in to start to help! Has this happened to anyone else?


Hi, Leslie,

This happened to me once. My doc didn't warn me about the burn. After that, I just took a deep breath and reminded myself the burn only lasts for ten seconds. Then I would count, and it would be done. Don't feel bad. That burn is nothing to discount. But if it works, it is worth it, sweetie.



Answered by Vanessa Collins