Seems To Be A New Tendon In My Breast????


Asked by tbarnes

Seems To Be A New Tendon In My Breast????

Do we have tendons in our breast. I have a lump just below my nipple under the skin of the areola (some of you may remember me). Well now I have noticed that when I look in the mirror and hold both my armes over my head I see what seems to be a tendon going from the lump near the nipple to the edge of the bottle of my breast. not a straight up and down line. more of a slanted line. so from the lump near the nipple down and to the inner lower edge of the breast. I indents my skin almost like i have 2 sections of a breast. WOW you must be really confused now.... anyways if you can understand anything i just said please let me know whats up with that. I can actually grab it. I lift the skin of my breast so i can see the line then i can actually put my finger around the "tendon". its only in this breast. Any clues


This totally sounds like fibrocystic change, a bothersome but non-cancerous condition which often develops in these long, "ropy," tendon-like patterns. You're the right age for it, and exhibiting some classic symptoms. If you've had a mammogram (yes?) and it didn't see anything, I wouldn't worry too much about this. Report it to your doctor, for sure; but I'll bet s/he'll tell you to keep your eye on it, and if it develops into something more "assertive" - bigger, painful, seemingly infected - then you may need some more tests. But unless/until you need to do anything else - try to relax, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel