Self-Massaging Devices Revealed: No Appointment Necessary

by Christina Lasich, MD Health Professional

When was the last time you had a good massage? The benefits of massage therapy have been known for centuries. Massage therapy dates back to ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. In 581 AD, China started a Department of Message Therapy to compliment the Office of Imperial Physicians. But in today’s modern world, the time investment of weekly appointments, not to mention the financial investment, is a barrier to this form of treatment. In order to help people overcome these barriers, an entire market of self-massaging devices has brought products into the home that offer the benefits of massage therapy with no appointment necessary.

The top of this market is occupied by the massaging chairs. For thousands of dollars, you too can have a full body massage complete with foot rollers, zero gravity, music and chromotherapy. Some hotels even offer massage chairs in the rooms for customers to have a massage anytime, in the privacy of their rooms. And that really is the benefit of massage chairs; you can have a full body massage anytime, in the privacy of your home. If you already have weekly appointments with a massage therapist, from an economic perspective, the numbers make sense enough for you to consider investing in a massage chair. Products: Osaki Pro Dreamer, Cozzia EC-618, DreamWave by Inada

For those that want a fuller body massage without the hefty price tag or a behemoth chair that takes up half a room, consider a massage pad. These light-weight, portable devices can fit on a chair, a bed, or the floor. Some will even plug into your vehicle. They vibrate, heat, and soothe a majority of the spine and torso into a comfortable state of relaxation. Some even plug into your music source to help provide a little music therapy too. Products: Sharper Image, Comfort Products, HoMedics

If you are more on the go and/or need more directed massage therapy to your neck and shoulder, the market has products for you. The neck and shoulder massaging devices offer heat and percussion to all the sore spots along the top of the shoulder and neck. The most popular models are lightweight and cordless. Products at: Sharper Image, Brookstone

Finally, you might be the type of person that really just needs a good foot massage to feel better. Imagine your feet immersed in warm pillows being gently pulsed and massaged. By targeting certain acupressure points, a good foot message can help the entire body feel good. Products:U Comfy, Sharper Image, Brookstone

In today’s modern world, massage therapy is available in the comfort and privacy of your home with no appointment necessary. If you experience pain or someone you love experiences pain, one of these devices might be the perfect solution.

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Christina Lasich, MD
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