Semen On Fingers, Pregnancy Risk


Asked by Anxious

Semen On Fingers, Pregnancy Risk

my girlfriend and i were touching each other the other night, and i think i got a bit of semen on my fingers off my underwear in the middle of it. i touched her again after that, so i'm just wondering, what is the risk of her getting pregnant? we were a bit paranoid after that, so she even took the pill within 24 hours, but i'm still a bit worried. would really appreciate an answer for this, sorry if it's a silly question.


Hi there

No question is a silly question. I can see how you would be worried.

In fact...we get asked this sort of question so many times here on this site that I wrote an article about it which you may read here.

So is your girlfriend taking birth control pills on a regular basis? Did she take the Plan B pill?

You really need to think about some sort of birth control so you won't have to worry like this.

If the semen was not dry...and you put it in her vaginal area...sure...there could be a slight chance for pregnancy if you didn't use protection. I have never seen the stats on what that risk might be but I am thinking it is not high but...anything is possible.

I hope things work out for you guys. The only thing to do now is wait until she gets her period. If it is late then...have her take a pregnancy test.

I wish you the best of luck.

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