Seniors May Be Living Longer But Less Healthy Lives


While overall life expectancy is increasing, quality of life in the later years seems to be decreasing, say researchers in the United Kingdom. According to the U.K.’s Longevity Center study on aging and population, British adults are spending many years after retirement in poor health.

The report also shows that many people who are nearing retirement age – those in their mid- to upper-fifties and older – continue to be active, working and caring for grandchildren or adult family members. Once they do slow down, many are living longer with health problems and disability than in the past, according to researchers.

Socioeconomic background is key in determining average healthy years after retirement. For example, at age 65, people living in lower class suburbs of London were found to have about 6.5 years of healthy life ahead of them, while those living in wealthier areas had about 14.5.

Sourced from: Daily News