Is It Serious To Take Nexium After Its Expiration Date?


Asked by old lady

Is It Serious To Take Nexium After Its Expiration Date?

I realized many months after my doctor's prescription expired that I should be taking Nexium. I suffer badly from GERD symptoms, am taking no other medications, and had no side effects when I did take Nexium for a short period of time. Can I use what I still have until I can get to a doctor to renew my prescription?


The biggest problem with taking medication that is past its date is that you do not know if it is as effective. Eventually, all medications lose their potency.

But, here's the flip side. Pharmacies put 1 year past the date of the prescription on the bottle. If you were able to actually see the package it came in, the sell-by date may be later than what they said. I first realized this with my husband's migraine medicine. It said one thing on the pharmacy label and the label on the package was 1.5 years later! Since he luckily doesn't need it all that often it was nice to be able to go by the packaging.

So, the short answer is that you just don't know if you are getting the Nexium at its best. I'd suggest you contact your pharmacist. But, the true test might just be "Are you feeling better?"

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