Seroquel Causes Vision Changes!


Asked by vivi

Seroquel Causes Vision Changes!

My 16 yrs old son Gets BP 1 since May 2008. Life has changed ever since, he losses his confidence and he has now weak memory and cannt concentrate on his studies (he took 6 times ECT) He is taking 500 mg of Seroquel (& Lamictal 75 mg since 3 weels ago) but he often complains of having vision changes (objects becomes smaller).

My question are: is vision changes caused by the Serowuel, and second are his weak memory and unable to concentrate the side effects of the ECT or because of his deprssion?


Hi vivi,

I've just come back from my psychiatrist who tells me that Seroquel could indeed cause vision problems, because this drug has an anti-cholinergic effect.



Answered by Christina Bruni