Sever Burning, Stabbing And Swelling On Top Of Right Foot


Asked by chrisgomc

Sever Burning, Stabbing And Swelling On Top Of Right Foot

For over two weeks now, I have been experiencing sever burning and stabbing pain and swelling on the top of my right foot. No trauma or injury has occurred. 8 years ago, I had surgery in the same general area, to remove a peice of calcified growth from the foot and ankle area, which was pressuring the nerves and tissues, I am concerned with this growing back or starting in a new area. I have done the usual remedies, such as ice, elevation and even tried using the boot from previous surgery to immobolize the site, nothing is working, the burning and stabbing is getting worse and I have no health care at this time, what is going on?


You'll really need, I'm afraid, to see a doctor to figure out what's going on here. The swelling indicates inflammation and trauma has occurred in that area. Did the calcified growth 8 years ago cause similar symptoms?

It's tough having to see the doctor with no healthcare (Hopefully in the near future the Health Care Reform plan will help you with this). Alot of counties have clinics for low income residents - is there one in your area? The problem with not seeing a physician or podiatrist (see if you can see a podiatrist) is that whatever's going on down there is likely to worsen - perhaps creating a more difficult problem in the long run to fix.

Good luck. I hope you can find a way to resolve this problem.