Severe Abdominal Pain Causing Fainting


Asked by Jose Linnane

Severe Abdominal Pain Causing Fainting

My GP thinks I may have IBS - I have had a period of diarrhoea however the worst part was severe abdominal pain after bowel movement then next thing I'm on the floor - this has happened more than once - also abdominal pain occurs with or without bowel movements the pain is often so severe nearly go to A & E The pain is very similia to endometriosis however had total hysterectomy over 7ys ago - GP says cannot be endo however Gen Surg prior to horrid very painful sigmoidoscopy said could be possible!!!


Hi Jose,

While frightening, what you are describing can be common among people with IBS. You may want to look at this link about vasalvagal syncope -

You may want to discuss this possibility with your doctor and see if they can test you for it. As for the possibility of Endometriosis causing your fainting, since I'm not a doctor I can't say whether it is or isn't a possibility.

Best of luck to you,


Answered by Elizabeth Roberts