Severe Left Neural Foraminal Narrowing


Asked by Lynn

Severe Left Neural Foraminal Narrowing

I have severe left neural foraminal narrowing and moderate right foraminal narrowing. Neck pain, stiff neck, unstable neck, shoulder pain, numbness, tingling and pain in right arm. These symtoms manifested themsleves after a fall. Could the fall have caused this? Are there any non surgical solutions for this?

Thanks, Lynn


The most common cause of neural foraminal narrowing is disc degeneration, but it can also be caused by rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. If your fall caused one or more discs to be herniated, that could result in foraminal narrowing. If a herniated disc is the culprit, they usually get better with conservative treatment and hopefully that would help with the foraminal narrowing as well.

Some of the conservative, non-surgical treatments for foraminal narrowing include medications that reduce inflammation, possibly short-term use of oral cortisone medication, medications that help nerve pain such as Lyrical or Neurontin, cortisone injections, and physical therapy.

If you do end up needing surgery, there are some newer, minimally invasive procedures available that, if it were me, I would look into. Personally, if surgery was recommended, I'd want to get opinions from at least two different doctors and would do extensive research into the suggested procedures before making a decision.

I hope conservative treatment work for you and you don't have to consider surgery.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards