Severe Pain In Thumb And Ice Cold


Asked by HOMENET

Severe Pain In Thumb And Ice Cold

I have severe pain in my thumb and it is also ice cold,and now my index finger is also ice cold


Based on what you describe, it's impossible to tell you what's going on, so you definitely need to see a doctor. However, as Oftentired mentioned, there is a condition called Raynaud's in which extremities, e.g. your fingers, become cold and change color, usually to white, blue or a mottled red. The Raynaud's Association has an excellent website with lots of information about the condition - which it's not dangerous and is manageable - and if the descriptions on that website ring a bell, make an appointment to see a doctor. And if the description of Raynaud's does not seem familiar to you, you should probably make an appointment with your doctor any way to get things checked out.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW