I Have Severe Shoulder, Neck And Arm Nerve Pain.


Asked by Deb

I Have Severe Shoulder, Neck And Arm Nerve Pain.

I have severe pain in my shoulder, neck and arm. This pain radiates from my neck to my shoulders and down my arms. It is excruciating. I am currently taking Neurontin but it only dulls the pain. I need some type of relief. Please help with any suggestions you might have. I can't lift anything at all (not even groceries) or drive because of this pain.


Hi Deb,

With the type of pain you describe, I would certainly suggest that you mention this to your doctor. If the cause of your pain might not be MS, but maybe a pinched nerve, the treatment could be different. It sounds like nerve pain, which can be very, very painful indeed. Or you could have a problem with your cervical spine (disc problems, etc.) that are causing you to experience nerve impingement and subsequent pain. Only a doctor will be able to tell you for certain.

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Answered by Lisa Emrich