Is Severe Wrist Pain Unusual After Rotator Cuff Surgery


Asked by Abigail

Is Severe Wrist Pain Unusual After Rotator Cuff Surgery

36 days after successful rotator cuff surgery to repair 3 tendons, I have almost constant pain between my elbow and wrist as well as a burning sensation when I try to massage the pain. I never ever had any pain below my upper arm before. Is this part of recovery? or should I worry about nerve injury, I have been doing my passive exercises 2 times a day even when it takes a vicodin to dull the pain It is so awful that I just cry out, It feels like mini-electric worms crawling around under my skin and into the shoulder


This new pain is not part of recovery from rotator cuff surgery. Sounds like a nerve injury because a burning sensation is involved. Nerve injuries can occur during a surgery. Sometimes the injury occurs because of poor positioning of the limb or body. For example, the "funny bone" (ulnar nerve) resting against a hard surgery table or retractor for long periods of time can lead to a crush injury. Diabetics are very vulnerable to nerve injuries during surgery. The nerves take time to heal and regenerate. Depending on the distance of the injury from the spinal cord, the regeneration can take months.

A neurologist would be able to assist you with a more accurate prognosis.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

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