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You have undoubtedly noticed by now that there have been changes since you have had gastric bypass surgery. For one thing, your diet has changed. Your menu has become a high protein, low carbohydrate affair that is rich in fish, lean meat, fruit, and vegetables. Perhaps you have a nutritionist who you consult with.

You are working a program of exercise, and you may have a physical trainer who is coaching you. Or perhaps you are more of a "a long walk with your dog" type of person. Regardless of your preference, the benefits of your plan of exercise may have presented by now. You have a healthy look and attitude.

You are taking your vitamin supplements and the old lethargy and erratic moods have subsided. You are now more energetic and cheerful.

Your physical appearance has changed also. You are more attractive to yourself and to others. People take notice and respond differently to you now. You may or may not be comfortable with the new degree of attention given to you by strangers, but the improved relation with your spouse or partner is both pleasant and exciting. Your sex life has improved.

Sexual Barriers For Obese Men Prior to Weight-Loss Surgery

Men who are overweight or obese can often experience erectile dysfunction or shortness of breath during intercourse. Low levels of testosterone is also a factor contributing to poor sexual performances of obese men.

In addition, obese men may have difficulties establishing sexual relationships due to low esteem issues.

The Improved Sex Life of Men Following Weight-Loss Surgery

Men who have had weight-loss surgery can have great improvements in their sex lives compared to their male counterparts who do not have weight-loss surgery.

The great amount of weight lost by men after gastric bypass surgery helps to restore testosterone to good levels. Testosterone is the male hormone that is needed for sexual libido and fertility.

In a recent study, hormones were measured in male patients before and after their bariatric surgeries. In addition, these men also recorded information about their sex lives before and after  bariatric surgery.

At the end of the study, the participants had improved testosterone levels and reported grand improvements in their sex lives after their bariatric surgeries.

New positions can be explored that could not be enjoyed prior to bariatric surgery and longevity improved because shortness of breath was no longer an issue.

The Improved Sex Life of Women Following Weight-Loss Surgery

A study from 2010 found that 70% of women who had bariatric surgery reported improved sex lives. Prior to the weight-loss surgery, 63% of the women in the study scored low enough on testing to suggest sexual dysfunction. Six months after gastric bypass surgery, 68% of these same women had resolved the issue of their dysfunction. The greatest enhancement was among younger or married women.

Improvement was reported in sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and overall satisfaction.

Whereas female sex drive is less dependent on hormonal levels, increased libido is attributed to improved body image.

It has also been discovered that women experience improvements in fertility and a reduction in complications associated with pregnancy after weight-loss surgery.

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