What Causes the Shakes with Alzheimers?


Asked by Val

Do You Get The Shakes With Alzheimers, Or Could It Be The Depression, Causing The Shakes?


All individuals experience Alzheimer's disease differently. Shaking, although not a characteristic symptom of the illness, may occur in some individuals. Could the individual be cold or nervous? Has he or she ingested any coffee or other stimulants? Could this be a side effect of other medications? It is best to ask the individual's physician what could be causing the shaking, and inquire if there are treatments that could respond to this problem. Also, talk to the physician about the possibility that the individual could have Lewy-body dementia as opposed to Alzheimer's disease. This form of illness is similar to Alzheimer's disease, but also causes Parkinsonian symptoms, such as shaking. Also, if depression is suspected but not yet addressed, it is a good idea to have it looked into by a physician without delay.

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