By Sharing Shaving Razor Transmitts Herpes


Asked by Annette

By Sharing Shaving Razor Transmitts Herpes

I have a friend with herpes but did not tell me about it. we have been sharing a lot of things like eye browns razor. so, I'm very sacre right now. I just want to know if is transmitted throw sharing blades.



Hi Annette,

Thanks for posting your question. I'm not a doctor, but I do have herpes and can answer your question.

The chances of you getting herpes by sharing a razor blade are slim to none, at best. "Slim" being if you both used the same razor to shave your pubic hair. "None" being if you both used the same razor to shave your leg hair, or eye brow hair, arm pit hair, or whatever. (Unless your roommate has skin herpes...but I have a feeling you're talking about genital herpes.) Herpes is not blood-born, so even if you both cut yourselves, you wouldn't get it (but you could get something else...).

I doubt you got herpes from your roommate. But even though chances are slim, why not just practice good hygiene and use your own razors? I think you can get about a dozen for $0.99. It's a good investment. I also don't recommend using your roommate's dirty towels, etc. As long as you didn't have unprotected sex with your roommate, you have nothing to worry about.

To get more information about herpes and how it is transmitted, I recommend you check out the Herpes Basics and Transmission pages, as well as Causes and Risk Factors.


Answered by Penelope James