Sharing Child Rearing May Improve Sex Lives of Couples

Couples who split childcare duties evenly are more likely to have a better sex life and more marital satisfaction, concludes a new study recently presented to the American Sociological Association. Conversely, according to the research at Georgia State University, both men and women in couples in which women handled most of the childcare reported feeling less content in the relationship.

Using data from the 2006 Marital and Relationship Study, the researchers looked at 487 heterosexual couples who were selected at random and included low-to-moderate income couples who had children living with them and where the woman was under 45 years.

The team found that both the quality and sex life of a couple’s relationship was negatively afected when women handled more than 60 percent of the childcare. The tasks included in childcare included rule-making, praising and playing. On the other hand, the team found that fathers could take on most or all of the childcare responsibilities and it didn't seem to have a negative impact on the relationship.

The researchers are planning more studies into how and why the balance of child rearing responsibilities may affect the overall relationship between couples.

Sourced from: BBC, Sharing childcare 'improves sex lives' of couples