Sharp Pain To The Back Right Side Of My Head ???


Asked by T313

Sharp Pain To The Back Right Side Of My Head ???

I'm 16, and over the past maybe four days if I lay down too quickly or even move my head too quickly, I get a massive pain in the back right side of my head that lasts about five seconds. Then after that I get a headache which lasts a few hours with or without painkillers. I have a decently high pain tolerance but this really irritates me. I get blurry vision along with it, as well as nausea. What could this be?



It's time to see your doctor. Unexplained headaches should always be investigated. Ice pick headaches (see Ice Pick Headaches - The Basics

) only last a few seconds, but they're not followed by a longer headache. Migraines (see Anatomy of a Migraine) are often accompanied by nausea, but the bottom line her is that the only person who can safely tell you what these headaches are is a doctor who can review your complete medical history, discuss your symptoms with you, and examine you in person.

Please see your doctor, then let me know how you're doing?


Answered by Teri Robert