Sharp Pain Near Heart Only Lasts A Split Second


Asked by louie

Sharp Pain Near Heart Only Lasts A Split Second

I get a sharp pain feels like it's my heart,it only lasts a split second,very scary.It seems like i always have gas soon after i get the pain.I have had several tests for my heart,blood work,all is good.One time i had curry,got the pain real bad,could it be food related.If i have milk sometimes i get loose stools.This has been going on a couple of years,been to 3 Docs. they say it is gas.If it is gas why is the pain always in the same place and feel like it is my heart.I have no other symptoms.Any advice would be appreciated


Hi Louie,

It sounds like your physicians have done all the work up for your heart including blood work, which should set your mind at ease a little. Blood work would most likely also show if you were having an issue with your gallbladder. Did your physicians check for reflux disease?

I do encourage you to try to avoid foods that cause the pain. As for milk, it is possible that you are lactose intolerant since drinking milk gives you diarrhea.

I am linking some other information that may help answer your question or at least help you rule out some things.

Sharp chest pains

Gastric reflux (GERD)

Best of luck,

Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD, LDN